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Autodesk DWG

DWG™ at Autodesk refers to two different, but related things

First, it is a powerful technology environment that Autodesk places in many of its popular software products. DWG technology contains the ability to mold, render, draw, annotate and measure, among others. Second, .dwg is the native file format for AutoCAD data files that contain all of the pieces of information a user enters, from designs and geometric data to maps, photos and beyond.

Autodesk created DWG in 1982 with the launch of its first version of AutoCAD. And while it is still commonly associated with our flagship product, it is an integral part of many of our other products, including our AutoCAD-based products, AutoCAD Design Suite, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor. With .dwg files circulating throughout virtually every design industry, DWG technology has made the .dwg file format one of the most commonly used design data formats.

What is TrustedDWG?

Developed by Autodesk, and comprising the core file format for AutoCAD® software and AutoCAD-based products, TrustedDWG™ technology is the original, efficient, and accurate way for storing design data created using AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products. The TrustedDWG functionality in Autodesk software identifies .dwg files that were not last saved by an Autodesk or RealDWG® software licensee product. Users can opt to receive notification when the .dwg file they are opening was saved using an application that was not created by an Autodesk product or RealDWG® software licensee. This alert system identifies files that Autodesk may not be able to support and lets users know that Autodesk cannot guarantee the integrity or compatibility of that .dwg file with AutoCAD or any other Autodesk application.

Free DWG viewing, editing and sharing with AutoCAD 360 web and mobile app

Autodesk® AutoCAD® 360 (formerly AutoCAD WS) is a free* web and mobile app that lets you view, edit, and share DWG™ files using a web browser or mobile device. Collaborate on designs with anyone, virtually anywhere. Store Autodesk® AutoCAD® technical and project files in an easy-to-access online workspace. Easily open and view .dwg, .dwf, and DXF™ files directly from email. AutoCAD 360 extends the power of AutoCAD beyond the desktop, making design review and approval easier than ever.

Free DWG Viewing with DWG TrueView

View .dwg files with Autodesk® DWG TrueView™ software. DWG TrueView is a free* stand-alone .dwg viewer that includes DWG TrueConvert™ software. DWG TrueView is built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD® software, so you can view .dwg and DXF files just as you would in AutoCAD. By installing the free* Autodesk® Design Review software, you can then open .dwg files as well as view, print and track changes to Autodesk 2D and 3D design files without the original design software.